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  1. New evidence raises questions about when dinosaurs evolved in North America
  2. Region's museum exhibits bring the whole world indoors
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New evidence raises questions about when dinosaurs evolved in North America

Published Racine, Wis. Language English View all editions Prev Next edition 2 of 2. Author Martin, Alice Fitch. Other Authors Parker, Bertha Morris. Physical Description 48 p. Series A golden exploring earth book golden exploring earth book Subjects Dinosaurs -- Juvenile literature. Reptiles, Fossil -- Juvenile literature. Language English Dewey Number View online Borrow Buy.

None of your libraries hold this item. In the s , as a part of Operation Golden Age , Whitaker used time eddys to transport various dinosaurs from their home time to central London in his present day. These included tyrannosaurus, apatosaurus , triceratops and pterodactyl. The appearances prompted the evacuation of eight million people and the instigation of martial law.

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The Third Doctor captured one dinosaur, a tyrannosaurus, but it was freed by General Finch , who was participating in the operation. After Whitaker and his co-conspirator, Sir Charles Grover , were sent back in time, the dinosaurs ceased appearing. The Sanctified farmed dinosaurs as livestock.

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Numerous dinosaur livestock of the Sanctified including Brachiosaurids, ankylosaurus and a baryonyx came through the Cardiff Space-Time Rift to Cardiff in The Torchwood Three team were ultimately able to capture the dinosaurs and send them back through a rift storm to where they came from. When Vox absorbed the power of the Cardiff Rift, the Sanctified sent several dinosaurs to Barry to try and stop him. However, Vox easily obliterated the dinosaurs with the power of the Rift.

In , Majenta Pryce featured dinosaurs as one of the exhibits in the Hotel Historia. They later froze to death when another chronal wave brought ice from the Ice Age into Sydney. A triceratops on a Silurian Ark. In the 21st century , Professor Saurian used a " roll-back machine " to bring dinosaurs from the Jurassic to New York City.

The Eleventh Doctor was able to send him and the dinosaurs back in time. The Silurian Ark was found by the Pirate Solomon , who woke up the dinosaurs to sell them and ejected the Silurians from the ship. He was unable to pilot the ship and accidentally caused it to return to Earth in , causing missiles to be fired at it. The Eleventh Doctor diverted its course and sent the dinosaurs aboard to the planet Siluria , while Solomon was killed when his ship was hit by the missiles. Dinosaurs were found in the rooms of the Hotel Historia , a time travelling hotel chain.

In the 41st century , Wumba's World of Wild featured genetically bred dinosaurs co-existing with humans for the entertainment of tourists. EarthWorld had dinosaurs, but due to historical inaccuracies they were placed with humans. In one alternate timeline , bodies of dinosaurs were found frozen in ice. They were exhibited in the National Museum.

TV : The Big Bang. In another timeline , the Silurians were victorious over the humans and conquered the Earth. They brought back species of extinct dinosaurs. When trapped in the Jurassic period, Professor Saurian set up a shield to protect Earth from impacts. Instead of humans evolving, intelligent dinosaurs did. However, the Doctor used his watch to hypnotise Saurian into releasing his telepathic hold on the dinosaurs, who promptly rampaged, destroying the machine.

Several species of dinosaurs, brought to 21st century New York City. At some point in the 21st century, Amy Pond was transformed into a dinosaur as a result of the Eleventh Doctor causing a galactic space-war at the dawn of human civilisation, which changed the course of human history every time something exploded. Please help by adding some more information. On many other planets, creatures similar to the dinosaurs of Earth evolved. The First Doctor , John and Gillian visited an unnamed asteroid which was home to a large, four-legged dinosaur-like creature.

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Upon encountering it, they took refuge in a nearby spacecraft, where they met Grig. A Mondasian dinosaur.

The planet Mondas , Earth's twin planet , also had dinosaur species at one stage of its development. Early in their history, the Cybermen partially cyber-converted dinosaurs and on some occasions, used them as mounts. The planet Gallifrey had dinosaur-like species called Gargantosaurs.

Region's museum exhibits bring the whole world indoors

The planet Quorus was home to tyrannosaur-like creatures. The Master took some eggs from Quorus and brought them to Earth, where he hatched a creature and used it in his plan to take over Earth. The Third Doctor disrupted the Master's control over the creature, which died when it touched a live electrode. Dinosaurs of Skaro. The Dalek home planet Skaro was also home to creatures that resembled dinosaurs, specifically the Triceratops but with only one horn.

They were normally peaceful herbivores but would attack Daleks on sight.

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The Third Doctor and Finney used a herd of these to destroy a group of Daleks that had taken them to Skaro. The planet Spekra was home to friendly, dinosaur-like creatures, similar in appearance to the Apatosaurus. Having very keen hearing, two of the creatures were summoned by the First Doctor 's ultrasonic device to break down the prison walls and take the prisoners back to their spacecraft.

Although Gritog 's men shot at the creatures, their thick skins protected them from harm. The homeworld of the Spidrons was another planet inhabited by dinosaur-like creatures. One of these which resembled a pterodactyl , attacked the Third Doctor shortly after he arrived.