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Markham, J. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley Publishing, ISBN David Markham's latest book, Napoleon for Dummies , is the perfect book for someone who wants to get the lowdown on Napoleon. It combines outstanding scholarship Markham is a top international Napoleonic scholar and award-winning author with the easy-reading style associated with the Dummies series, and takes the reader beyond the stereotypes to the real Napoleon.

If the rest of the biographies in this new series are anywhere as good as Markham's biography of Napoleon, then Wiley Publishers will have created a real winner. The first thing you discover when you read Napoleon for Dummies is that it really isn't for dummies at all.

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It is for people who enjoy a good read and would like to find out more about Napoleon. As one would expect, Markham writes in an easy, accessible style that should appeal to all readers. The book is well-organized and easy to follow. In his introduction, Markham explains why we should even care about Napoleon, giving examples of why that great man was important both to people of his time and to those of us living in the 21 st century.

Markham makes Napoleon even more accessible by including 70 engravings from his personal collection. It is always better to have a visual image of the people about whom one is reading, and this book does an outstanding job in this area as well. Douglas Fermer. The March of the Twenty-Six. F Delderfield. Napoleon: A Concise Biography. David A. The Battle of the Berezina. Napoleon's Campaigns in Italy and Napoleon I Emperor of the French. Andrew Hilliard Atteridge.

With Napoleon in Russia. Armand de Caulaincourt. The Birth of a Great Power System, Hamish Scott. The Age of Napoleon.

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Alistair Horne. Napoleon and the Art of Diplomacy. William Nester. The French Wars De Gaulle.

10 Facts About the Napoleonic Wars

Michael E. James Falkner. Waterloo Commanders. Andrew Uffindell. Jonathon Riley. Napoleon's Polish Gamble. Christopher Summerville. Incomparable: A Collection of Essays. Terry Crowdy. The Napoleonic Wars 2. Todd Fisher. Alan Palmer. The Campaign of Marengo, with Comments. Herbert H. Napoleon's Marshals. France at Bay The Wars of the French Revolution and Napoleon, Owen Connelly.

Joe Scicluna.

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John A. Borodino Philip Haythornthwaite. Napoleon and the campaign of Henry Houssaye. Michael S. The Emperor's Last Victory. Gunther E Rothenberg. The Invasion of France, Captain Frederick William O. The End of the Old Order. Frederick Kagan. The Hundred Days. Philip Guedalla. The manuscript of A history of events which led to the abdication of Napoleon.

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Road to St Helena. David Markham. Munro Price. Life Of Napoleon — Vol. General Baron Antoine Henri de Jomini.

Vernon Press - Napoleon’s Purgatory [Paperback] -

Alexander I. Marshal Louis N. Major John M. Napoleon As A General. Jonathan North. Francais et Allemands 4thVolume. Helmuth Karl Bernhard Graf von Moltke. Ronald Pawly. Roger Bullen. Napoleon In a Nutshell. Neil Wenborn. Blundering to Glory.