Guide Participatory Mapping: New Data, New Cartography

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  1. What is Participatory Mapping?
  2. The new geographers: How Detroiters are mapping a better future for the city
  3. Glossary of Terms
  4. Participatory Mapping - ISTE

This book characterizes these contemporary forms of Web-based cartography.

Cartography मानचित्रण Data & Map Making: मूल सिद्धांत भूगोल

It draws a comparison with both previous analogical and digital maps, it characterizes the new online cartographers, and it shows how maps interact with other Web applications and sources of data. The case study of the Fukushima-Daiichi power plant disaster in March 11, provides a vivid example of how these maps can sustain the involvement of citizens during a crisis.

By presenting the international collaboration of mapmakers who created online radiation maps, this case study illustrates how science and politics are inseparable in Web-based maps.

What is Participatory Mapping?

Part 1. Origins and Properties of Online Maps 1. Tooling up for Complexity.

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A Participant in the Web of Platform. Maps and Web-Based Data. Making post-glacial uplift visible: A model based high-resolution animation of shore displacement. Visualization and geospatial analysis on rural areas using sub-regional statistics. Research on event perception based on geo-tagged social media data.

The new geographers: How Detroiters are mapping a better future for the city

Interactive mapping for geographically weighted correlation in big census data. Publication of maps and plans of Jewish settlement from the first half of the 18th century.

Engraved footprints from the past. Retrieving cartographic geohistorical data from the Cassini Carte de France, — Digital archiving project of paper maps collected for the International Map Exhibition in Tokyo. Establishment of the inventory of the historic bridges analyzing the maps of Europe in the XIX.

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Century, in the area of Split-Dalmatia County, Croatia. Use of 19th century cartographic source materials to study spatial changes of villages in Wielkopolska Poland.


Geo-visualization of antibiotic resistance based on web map service. Geographically weighted bidimensional regression on the 17th-century map of a castle town in Japan. What strategies make compatible the stakes of nature conservation and the stakes of economic growth in protected area? The GIS-based approach for the permafrost active layer depth mapping. Simulation and prediction of Shanghai urban spatial change based on random forest and CA-Markov model.

Glossary of Terms

Relationships between landslides and land use changes in the Sanbagawa and Mikabu Belts, Shikoku, Japan. Robustness assessment of China's high-speed railway transportation network. Geomorphological analysis of wetland distribution on various spatial scales. Quality assessment of topographic data automatic map generalization from scale to Design of cooperative update mechanism of national geographic conditions monitoring and basic surveying and mapping.

Spatial structure evolution of China railway network in the past century.

Participatory Mapping - ISTE

The definition of scale series for atlas maps depending on the density of mapped objects. Research and implementation of big data visualization based on WebGIS. Mapping urban greenery to create the optimal cooling effect model against solar radiation under the conditions of a smart city.

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