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At least you can judge the cleanliness etc for yourself. The food was definitely a highlight. First i am also fear to take street foods. Because when i am in travel that time i am suffered from street foods. So we clearly know how they are prepare. So here after i am choose a street food and enjoy with this different taste in my travels. Great tips! Love eating the local foods and am a huge fan of street food.

Never thought to bring anything to clean the cutlery. That is brilliant. When backpacking, I usually have cutlery in my pack for the hostels…. I love your tips for eating from street food stalls. Getting sick is always a worry for me because I do not like wasting precious travel time.

Total om-nom-domination! What an awesome post!

Ken Albala

Of course I sometimes mess up not fully knowing ingredients but I do try! Cleanliness is hard in some places so standards have to sometimes be lowered slightly to experience. In fact it is the only human need that is necessary in keeping us alive that is also truly intertwined with the social and cultural parts of humanity.

A truly fascinating area and a lovely blog that sets me off on a rant at all times!


Thank you Cara! Great article! It really speaks volumes about the people that settled and live there. I also agree about food safety. I really enjoyed this post Jodi. Taking the time from work to enjoying life. I also love food and hope that one day you will get the chance to visit Jamaica and try out some Jamaican food. Thanks Grant! Hey everyone! Due to the age of this post and the difficulty in moderating lots of posts spam, comments here have been turned off. I post frequently and reply to threads on the boards! See ya there!

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Chicken gizzards in Istanbul, Turkey But for those who want to do what I do, there are some valid concerns. Here are my five tried-and-true tips and tricks for discovering the hidden secrets of food: Start with the basics: the dishes themselves. An alternative is bringing baby wipes or Wet-Wipes with you to wipe down the utensils. I also carry a Point-It Dictionary , easy to use when the language barrier gets in the way.

You can point at the animal, condiment, or other item in the book and be guaranteed a minimum of communication. Harira soup in Marrakesh , Morocco Other tips: I aim for stalls where the person cooking is not also handling the money, and if they are, then they are handling that money with gloves on, taking them off to cook the food. I also take a close look at how the town or country eats; if a big meal for locals is at lunchtime, that would be my choice for experimenting with new meats or exciting dishes, when the food is freshest.

Very helpful for a celiac like me who has to avoid gluten, wheat, barley, and rye! Loved the post Jodi, some great food for thought no pun intended , and useful tips. Great Article Jodi, First i am also fear to take street foods. Thanks Lovisa Princess. Yes, same in my experience! Hi Al, I can be reached at jodi-at-legalnomads. Safe travels!

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Food, Mobility, and World History - Oxford Handbooks

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